we-do-IT at SAP 4 Utilities Conference

Huntington Beach, CA October 10-11, 2016.  we-do-IT North America exhibits at the SAP 4 Utilities Conference.

SAP for Utilities is geared toward leaders, managers, directors and other professionals involved with the decision-making process. Attendees have responsibility and influence in every sector of the utility industry including those who are leveraging their company’s SAP investments and other technologies across the entire IT infrastructure.


Joes Swanson, Principal Consultant

With an attendance of 1,000 professionals, initiatives, trends and solutions were addressed by utility executives, VPs, directors, heads of business units.  Speakers included key enterprise users, partners, analysts and SAP experts.

we-do-IT presented their conflation services as well as their LatLonGO GIS Mobile app.  GIS Mobility was a topic at the conference as utilities begin to embrace the importance of technology in the field.  The theme for this year’s conference was “The Reimagined Utility”

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